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If feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or a constant cloud of melancholy loom over you, our distinctive blend of psychotherapy and the expressive arts might be the beacon you've been searching for.

Remember, this journey isn't about being an expert in art or music; it's about unlocking new channels of self-expression and understanding.

How Depression Affects Us: 

Depression can silently weave its way into our lives, casting shadows on even the brightest moments.


Some might seek therapy after a specific life event, while others might not pinpoint a direct cause but feel the unrelenting weight of it daily.

Whether you're battling persistent low moods, struggling with life's transitions, or seeking to rebuild your sense of self after trauma, individual psychotherapy, enriched with our creative methods, offers a haven and a helping hand on your journey to light.

How Can We Help: 

For many, the weight of depression can feel immobilizing. Our therapy offers both a space to express these feelings and tools to navigate them.

Whether you're learning to find your voice again, rebuilding your sense of self-worth, or simply seeking clarity, our therapeutic approach combines traditional methods with the transformative power of the arts, ensuring every session supports your path to brighter days.

Music can be a powerful companion during dark times. It can resonate with our innermost feelings, giving voice to the unspeakable. Engaging in music therapy can help lift the fog of depression, providing moments of joy, clarity, and emotional release. Whether it's through listening, singing, or playing, music can serve as a bridge from desolation to hope.

Therapists: Jon Burkart, Robin Soper

Music Psychotherapy for Depression

Art offers a canvas for emotions that words might fail to describe. Through colors, strokes, and shapes, one can externalize the weight of depression, making it tangible and easier to address. By visually mapping out feelings, individuals often find clarity, relief, and a renewed sense of purpose. Our therapeutic approach ensures a safe space for this creative introspection, guiding you towards healing and self-renewal.

Therapists: Ninat Friedland, Mollia Kennedy

Art Psychotherapy for Depression

What Can You Expect?

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