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Grief & Loss

If you're submerged in the depths of grief or trying to make sense of a profound loss, our combination of psychotherapy and creative expression can serve as a lifeline, guiding you towards understanding and healing.

Remember, it's not about artistic or musical expertise; it's about finding new avenues to understand and express yourself.

How Grief Touches Us

Grief is a universal experience, yet profoundly personal in its impact. It can stem from various losses: the passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or even a significant life change.


The journey through grief is unique for everyone, with some seeking therapy to understand their feelings, while others look for ways to commemorate and honor their loss.

How Can We Help: 

Facing grief can sometimes feel like an endless tunnel with no light in sight. By integrating traditional therapy with the comforting embrace of the arts, we offer a holistic approach to healing, honoring your feelings and memories, and guiding you towards a renewed sense of purpose.

Music has the profound ability to resonate with our innermost emotions, becoming a therapeutic tool during times of grief. In our sessions, you might find yourself listening to specific tracks that mirror your feelings or even composing melodies that symbolize your personal journey through loss. Music can also provide a space to remember, reflect, and even celebrate the memories of what or whom you've lost. Whether it's through guided listening, vocalizing feelings, or creating new musical narratives, music becomes a bridge between the pain of loss and the solace of acceptance.

Therapists: Jon Burkhart, Robin Soper.

Music Psychotherapy for Grief 

Engaging with art during times of grief provides an avenue to visually represent emotions that might be hard to articulate. Our sessions might begin with explorative activities such as sketching or painting, allowing you to externalize your feelings. This process can lead to deeper insights about the nature of your grief and ways to navigate it. Over time, art becomes not just a medium of expression, but also a testament to your resilience and the enduring legacy of memories. Whether you're creating tribute pieces or simply using colors to represent stages of your grief, art offers a tangible touchstone in your journey of healing.

Therapists: Natalie Bochenska, Rhys Castro, Mollia Kennedy, Ninat Friedland

Art Psychotherapy for Grief

What Can You Expect?

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