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Pain Management

Seeking Respite from Persistent Pain? If chronic physical pain or its emotional toll is impeding your daily life, our blend of psychotherapy and expressive arts offers an innovative approach for pain understanding and management.

Remember, it's not about artistic or musical expertise; it's about finding new avenues to understand and express yourself.

How Pain Impacts Us: 

Physical pain, especially when persistent, doesn't just affect the body; it also takes an emotional toll, influencing mood, behavior, and overall well-being.


Chronic pain can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression, and a sense of isolation. It can disrupt sleep, affect daily activities, and strain relationships. Addressing both the physical sensation and its emotional ramifications is crucial for comprehensive pain management.

How Can We Help: 

Managing chronic pain requires a multidimensional approach. Our method integrates talk therapy with the therapeutic potential of music and art to address both the physical discomfort and its emotional implications.


By understanding the interplay between mind and body, and utilizing the expressive arts, we aim to provide relief, coping strategies, and a renewed sense of hope.

Music can offer relief in the realm of pain management. Our sessions integrate talk therapy with specific music-based interventions tailored to soothe and alleviate pain's emotional effects. This could involve listening to calming compositions, engaging in rhythmic activities, or using music as a distraction tool. Alongside verbal reflections, these musical interactions provide an avenue for emotional release, relaxation, and potentially even reduced perception of pain.

Music Psychotherapy for Pain Management

Art offers a canvas to visualize and externalize both pain and associated emotions. Through art-based activities within our sessions, you might depict your pain sensations, use colors to represent its intensity, or create imagery that symbolizes your pain journey. These artistic expressions can provide clarity, serve as tools for communication, and act as therapeutic interventions in their own right. Combined with talk therapy, they offer a holistic approach to understanding, coping with, and potentially mitigating pain's emotional toll.

Therapists: Mollia Kennedy

Art Psychotherapy for Pain Management

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