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Self-Esteem & Identity

Self-Esteem & Identity

If you find yourself grappling with questions of self-worth, identity, or facing doubts about your place in the world, our blend of psychotherapy and creative expression may offer the guidance and validation you've been seeking.

Remember, it's not about artistic or musical expertise; it's about finding new avenues to understand and express yourself.

How Self-Esteem and Identity Affect Us:

Our sense of identity and self-esteem shapes every facet of our lives: how we view ourselves, how we relate to others, and our overall confidence in our abilities.


Some may seek therapy to rebuild after experiences that have shaken their self-worth, while others might be on a quest to discover or redefine their identity.

How Can We Help: 

Building or reclaiming a positive self-image is a journey, and it's one we're honored to guide you through.


By combining the insights of psychotherapy with the empowering realms of music and art, we create a nurturing space where you can explore, redefine, and celebrate yourself.

Music offers a vast spectrum of emotions and narratives. In sessions, you might connect with songs reflecting your experiences or use music as a tool for introspection. Engaging with music can help process emotions, challenge negative self-perceptions, and affirm personal experiences.

Therapists: Jon Burkart, Robin Soper

Music Psychotherapy for Self-Esteem

Art becomes a medium to visually articulate and explore personal narratives. Experiences might involve focused self-portraits, expressive paintings, or visual representations of experiences that influenced your sense of self. Engaging with art can offer clarity, challenge negative perceptions, and bolster self-confidence.

Therapists: Natalie Bochenska, Rhys Castro, Ninat Friedland, Mollia Kennedy

Art Psychotherapy for Self-Esteem

What Can You Expect?

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