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Sexuality & Gender (LGBTQA+)

Sexuality & Gender (LGBTQA+)

Navigating Your Unique Journey of Identity?


If you're exploring questions or looking for support related to sexuality and gender identity, our specialized blend of psychotherapy and expressive arts provides a safe and understanding environment for exploration and growth.

Remember, it's not about artistic or musical expertise; it's about finding new avenues to understand and express yourself.

How Sexuality & Gender Impact Us: 

Sexuality and gender identity are integral facets of who we are. They influence how we perceive ourselves, how we interact with the world, and how the world perceives us.


In a society filled with varied perceptions and expectations, many individuals face challenges, external pressures, or internal conflicts related to their unique identities.

How Can We Help: 

Affirming and understanding one's sexuality and gender identity is deeply personal. We provide a supportive environment where individuals can delve into their feelings, confront societal pressures, and affirm their authentic selves.


By combining psychotherapy with creative expression through music or art therapy, we offer a comprehensive approach that emphasizes personal exploration, understanding, and self-celebration.

Music can be a powerful medium for expressing and exploring feelings related to identity. Sessions integrate talk therapy with moments of musical introspection, helping you connect with songs that resonate with your experiences or creating sounds that symbolize your personal journey. Through the harmonious blend of dialogue and music, you're guided towards greater self-understanding and acceptance.

Therapists: Robin Soper

Music Psychotherapy for Sexuality & Gender (LGBTQA+)

Art offers an invaluable canvas to represent and explore feelings associated with sexuality and gender. Combining talk therapy with visual expressions, sessions might involve crafting visual narratives or engaging in expressive painting to represent your personal experiences and feelings. This synergy of conversation and artistic creation fosters deeper introspection and validation.

Therapists: Ninat Friedland, Mollia Kennedy

Art Psychotherapy for Sexuality & Gender (LGBTQA+)

What Can You Expect?

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