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Miya Adout is the visionary behind Creative Psych & MIYA Creative Care. Holding a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University and a background in Cultural Studies, Miya's experience spans a diverse spectrum, from dementia care to child and family services.

In 2015, she began MIYA Creative Care, which now consists of a team of 20+ Creative Arts Therapists empowering and enriching lives in partnership with health and wellness organizations including long-term care homes, hospices, disability services and mental health settings.

With an overarching belief in the impact creative expression can have on lasting well-being, Miya launched CreativePsych as an integral sector of MIYA Creative Care, further broadening her reach and impact. CreativePsych offers personalized online therapy by dual-trained psychotherapists and creative arts therapists for individuals across Ontario.

Outside of her professional realm, Miya is a proud mother, creative spirit, and enjoys capturing life's fleeting moments through her lens in photography.

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