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Individual Therapy (Children)

We're here for our littlest clients.

Childhood is a time of vivid imagination, growth, and wonder, yet it's also when first encounters with complex emotions arise.


Whether your child is navigating the realms of new friendships, grappling with school hurdles, or adjusting to familial shifts, therapy can be their guiding star. Our approach ensures a safe haven for them to express, understand, and navigate their emotions, paving the way for a resilient and joyful journey ahead.

Why Explore Creative Psychotherapy vs. Talk Therapy

Emotions often find clearer expression through music and art than through words alone. 

Unlocking Expression

Beyond Words

Creative expression offers a channel to process and understand emotions where feelings are visualized and resonated.

The Therapeutic Power of Creative Expression

Creative psychotherapy offers a more holistic and comprehensive experience, providing children with lasting tools for well-being outside the session. 

A Multifaceted Approach to Well-being

 Engaging in creative expression can stimulate brain regions linked to emotions, memory, and cognition, reaffirming the physiological and psychological benefits of creative psychotherapy.

Neuroscience Meets Art: The Brain on Creativity

What could an Individual Music Psychotherapy Session Look Like?

Find Your Therapist

What could an Individual Art Psychotherapy Session Look Like?

Find Your Therapist

An individual music psychotherapy session at CreativePsych for your child combines the gentle techniques of talk therapy with the comforting touch of musical experiences. Depending on your child's comfort level and unique needs, sessions might involve exploring feelings through musical improvisation or discussing emotions brought up by specific songs. Rest assured, no prior musical knowledge is required; our approach is all about creating a nurturing and supportive space for your child's emotional exploration and growth.

An individual art psychotherapy session at CreativePsych for your child merges the supportive elements of talk therapy with the expressive possibilities of art. Depending on your child's comfort and inclinations, they might be drawing, painting, or engaging in other artistic ventures to explore and express their emotions. No previous art skills are needed; our focus is on providing a safe and encouraging environment for your child's emotional discovery and development

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