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The logo for creative psych. Below it, it says "powered by Miya Creative Care".

Welcome to Creative Psych – an innovation by MIYA Creative Care. In the vast realm of healing and personal growth, we're pioneering a space where the benefits of creative expression and the science of psychotherapy meet. Our dedicated team, a blend of dual-certified psychotherapists and creative arts therapists, champions a fusion of traditional therapeutic methods with the profound language of music and art. We work with adults, teenschildren, students, & more. us, therapy is not just an intervention - it's a creative journey.

Therapy Beyond Words

Behind CreativePsych stands a dedicated leadership team, each with their unique expertise and vision. They unite under a shared passion: to redefine psychotherapy through the transformative power of creative expression. Get to know the minds steering our mission and shaping countless therapeutic journeys.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Miya Adout

Founder / Director

Carmen Lee

Clinic Manager

Andriana Crawford

Marketing Specialist

A drawing of a woman playing a guitar.

Our Mission

Guiding individuals on a transformative path to holistic healing, personal empowerment, and lasting wellness, CreativePsych champions the fusion of creative expression with psychotherapy.

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